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Spin Master is a Canadian global toy and entertainment company marketing consumer products for children. Its brands include Bakugan, Gund, Etch A Sketch, Erector Set by Meccano, Air Hogs, PAW Patrol, Aquadoodle, Tech Deck, Hatchimals, and Zoomer.


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customer says

"Shocking customer service.
One very small but vital part missing from my sons meccano set.
Spin master have refused to replace because I have no proof of purchase......it was a gift.
This part must cost a fraction of 1p to produce."

Shawnice says

"My son had Headbanz junior for Christmas. The game came half in English and half in Mexican and 1 piece missing.
Apparently they don’t have any in stock. They offered games which were cheaper and not age appropriate.
All seems very strange!"

Łukasz Henryk Figielski says

"Got it from Santa himself and had fun for one evening. On the next day all it does is flashing purple = "is hungry". But wont feed with its straberry. The producer Spin Master is not responding, not helping. A Christmas disappointment for me and my 6yo, thanks, Spin Master.
The toy is (can't link) Hatchimals 6046989 (sort of giraffe)."

Ian Pym says

"Terrible excuse for a company. Bought a £50 thunder trax and the controller doesn’t even turn on after trying multiple sets of new batteries. Contacted customer service and they offered a £10 toy from their range and expected me to write off the £50 just spent. Avoid at all costs"

Poppy Mellusco says

"Bought a boxer robot and couldn’t get it to charge. Emailed spin master to get some advice and they sent me word for word what it said on the website which was in so many words plug it in and make sure the power is on accompanied by a diagram of how to plug it in. Appalled by the customer service and will be taking it back."

Angela Buttice says

"My daughter received a toy for Christmas, when we opened it it had a missing piece. When we called to just get the one part replaced we were told they wouldn’t replace it because it was an older toy. We told the guy it was just got it as a gift and the person who gave it to her had just bought it. All we were asking for was a replacement for the part not even the whole toy and they said all they could do was give us a 40% off coupon. Not even worth it. I’m so disappointed in the company."

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